Rental Terms

All patrons and visitors to the Murroe Wood Park must obey the rules and regulations as set out below. Completion of a booking will be deemed to be acceptance of these rules below and our terms and conditions.

Those found not obeying any of the rules set out below or our terms and conditions will be evicted from the facility and may be prohibited from booking again.

  1. All bookings must be paid for in full by credit card or debit card at the time of booking.
  2. Bookings will only be accepted from organised groups with their own Public Liability Insurance, with Murroe Wood Park CLG. and Limerick County Council explicitly indemnified. First time books must attach their insurance certificate to their booking email at the time of booking, in addition to producing the original cert at their fist visit to the facility. Subsequent certificates must be forwarded to the company on renewal by regular renters.
  3. Underage groups must be accompanied by at least 1 adult mentors at all times.
  4. All users are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Any person or group deemed by the management to be acting in an unruly manner will be evicted from the facility and may be prohibited from making future bookings.
  5. No metal studs allowed on the facility and all boots must be cleaned before use.
  6. No food, or chewing gum is allowed within the facility and drinks may only be carried in a plastic bottle.
  7. Smoking and consumption of alcohol on or within the vicinity of the facility is strictly prohibited.
  8. No spectators are permitted inside the perimeter fence during session and similarly no prams/buggies, bicycle, skates, skateboards etc. or any dogs or animals are allowed.
  9. Parking is only allowed in the designated car parks as outlined in our Location details. Patrons must use the designated walkways to access the facility. There is strictly no parking in any of the surrounding housing estates.
  10. If realigning goalposts, they must be lifted at the open end and weight put onto the wheels while pushing them into the required positions. No dragging of goalposts is allowed.
  11. No training or warm up sessions are allowed on any of the grass areas or pathways surrounding the facility.
  12. There are no netting divisions between the designated areas. Renters must keep within the boundaries of their allocated area and respect the space and safety of other users.
  13. Management reserve the right to forbid the use of any equipment which may cause damage to the facility or put at risk the enjoyment or safety of other patrons. Visitors are not allowed to use any slalom poles or equipment which require supports to be placed into the pitch.
  14. Access to surrounding premises or land is strictly prohibited, even to collect lost balls etc.