Why we want a fun and safe skatepark

We have with the recent opening of the Skate Park been delighted with the response and the use of our local younger generation. It is obvious that the children are loving the skate park, and we are seeing huge use of the facility.

We have had some questions regarding the age limit of over 10’s on the skatepark from some younger children and parents alike. We want to address how we came to this decision and reasoning to be completely clear with the local community and to help paint a full picture.

During the process of designing the skatepark, we engaged in feedback and consultation with the community and with skaters and other skatepark facilities. Based on that feedback the design of the facility and the set age limitations were decided upon. We also know that the under 10 age group need an improved playground, which we are at the latter stages of design and development. Expect more on that news soon.

Secondly, we had to get private, and expensive, insurance. Our insurers have asked that we follow the Managing Risk in Recreational Facilities and Leisure Centre’s guide to lower the risk of an insurance claim. We know that if a claim is taken against us we would very likely have to close the Skatepark permanently. No one in this community would want such a thing to happen, so we ask you all – as responsible parents and children – to follow our over 10 year’s old age limit on the skatepark.

Since we have had this feedback, we are also exploring the idea of managed and supervised skate events that could include children under the 10 year age group, and we hope to report back on that in the future if that can be made happen.

We have also been asked to give guidelines on our volunteers and their authority to ensure the safety of you and your children in our skatepark and other facilities, current and future. Any standing board member holds this authority. The manager of the Park is Mr Eamonn O’Sullivan who can be contacted during the weekdays on 061 571497 or by email at info@murroewoodpark.ie

Thank you for your support,

Murroe Wood Park Board

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